The Original New York Pizza
3762 E. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, Nevada 89121
(First Location)

Who are these guys? Sam Facchini and John Arena. Then and now.

Their faces look strangely familiar, but, someone switched beards on them and they appear to be wearing wigs!

With the help and encouragement of their parents, two cousins named John and Sam left New York and moved to Las Vegas in a borrowed car to start a small pizza business back in 1980. What you see in the photo was all they had when they got to town - two pizza ovens, a cash register, a napkin holder and each other. Since those early days, they've started The Pizza Olympics (1984), The International Pizza Exchange (1987), The World Pizza Spinning Championships (1990) and The National Pizza Hall of Fame (1999). They were also named National Pizza Operators of the Year (1986) and Nevada Restaurateurs of the Year (1999).

If you ask them, however, they will tell you that nothing has really changed in the last twenty years -- they still have those two pizza ovens . . . and each other.

"Still, it's a real good bet the best is yet to come."
| Francis Albert Sinatra